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As an author and journalist I am excited by advances in science, technology and space travel in particular.

This website gives me the opportunity to publish some of my thoughts on these mind-boggling themes. The articles published here range through Disasters Real and Feared to Cosmos of Life and Death and and my book The Next 500 Years: Life in the Coming Millennium has now been published on-line by Kindle . 

The Ultimate Future  NEW
OF all long term forecasts about the distant future, by far the most imaginative was that made in 1964 by the Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. He foresaw that a civilisation such as ours is likely to go through three phases: (1) when it harness all the resources of its parent planet, (2) when it does the same for its solar system, and (3) when it extends its management to its entire galaxy.
Hubble's Saga
After the Hubble Space Telescope has been repaired next year and been given its new wide field camera to view the distant universe, many astronomers believe it will enter its period of greatest glory.
Faster than Light?  
Far out at the edges of the solar system, the motions of two spacecraft, Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, appear to be breaking all known laws of physics.
Arrogant Experts
How many times in history has "mainstream scientific opinion'' turned out to be wrong? If the judgement of experts had been accurate, then the Earth would be flat, the Atlantic would be infinite and unnavigable, the stars would be equidistant from us; and radio communication, photography, nuclear energy, motor cars, aviation and space travel would all be impossible.
The Immortal Race
When I tell people that I write about the future, they often reply in a puzzled fashion: "Future? Do you think we have one?'' The imminent doom of humanity, from one mysterious cause or another, is seen as inescapable
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Eureka: the Book of Scientific Anecdotes" is now available in Kindle.
This witty and highly readable collection includes more than 60 anecdotes chosen and edited by Adrian Berry. Perfect for the science buff and general reader alike.

It Really Was A Giant Step For Mankind   NEW

I WROTE this article for the Daily Telegraph on July 20, 2009, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon, to show how the mission brought back great treasures to Earth. more>>>

Be Prepared!
WHEN astronauts travel to Mars, there is an ominous possibility that they will all die during the voyage from poisoning by cosmic rays from distant parts of the galaxy... more>>>
World without end

PROPHETS of doom often predict the end of the world, but it would be unimaginably difficult to destroy the planet. . . more>>

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